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Moving Checklist

Now is the best time to submit your change of address with the USPS. Due to our address being a commercial address, you cannot make this change online and will need to fill out a change of address form that you can pick up either from our space or at your local USPS. Once submitted, a mailing will be sent to our current location confirming the request for mail to be sent to our new address. We also encourage everyone to log into any accounts that you have 38 Fulton W as your listed address and update it to 77 Monroe Center St NW Ste 600, Grand Rapids, MI 49503. These accounts could be Dun & Bradstreet, Apple or Google accounts, IRS, State of MI, periodicals such as newspapers, Grand Rapids Business Journal, etc.

We will do our best to check back at 38 Fulton W periodically for any errant packages or mailed items, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to do so. We ask that our entire community to help us out in making their address changes by March 14th.

Thanks for being a member of The Factory and we hope to see you soon at our new home starting on March 28 at 8am.

Our new address: 77 Monroe Center St NW Ste 600, Grand Rapids, MI 49503.