Image of community member Ron R.

Ron’s Story

Hi my name is Ron, I’m a Pastor at City Chapel here in Grand Rapids. So one of the reasons why i started looking for a space was depression. So I was like needing humans around me. If you’re wanting a place that is a place where you can still you can start interacting with people again, if that’s something you’re looking for, like this is a wonderful place for that.

It was one of the things besides like going to a therapist and stuff like that, that helped me through depression. Just like having the human interaction which was good again. True friendships can be created. Or if you just need a place to work that’s reliable, all or anywhere in between like that’s kind of offered here. A thing that I wish I had done and I tell people whenever they come, is because, we’re like a really welcoming community like just jump in with stuff. It took me months before I said any anything on Slack; come try it out and jump jump in, and try out the different events.

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